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What it means to be vegan

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What it means to be vegan

You are a vegan with uncompromising taste, an eye for detail and you want no second guessing. Tawa Labs understands this and is at your side as you add essential collagen to your lifestyle.  Our DracoBelle™Nu with Resveratrol promise is one that meets your vegan challenge of purity and value. We have answered your clarion calls for trust in a product. We have delved into the science.


You are in good company

Did you know that 79 million other individuals are vegans too?  The world needs you and research over the years confirms why that is true. Read on.

In many countries a consistent figure of 7% of the population report being vegan. With concerns about the preservation of the earth this is increasing. For over 100 years the world moved towards heavily processed and unhealthy foods. Hospitals testify to this habit. This is starting to change with pressure from vegans like you who are lobbying governments, healthcare providers, neighbours, food manufacturers, the hospitality industry and schools to rethink how people are being affected. They vote with their pockets and feet and the membership to the vegan clan is growing.

Now read our DracoBelle™ Nu with Resveratrol label and discover a perfect match



Why our unique collagen boosting formula?

Tawa Labs spends significant time and effort researching what will help with sustained health and improved immunity. DracoBelle™ Nu is specifically chosen for a collagen compound because clinical studies show an anti-aging, regeneration and hydration effect on the skin. See our blog describing the science behind our choice for your benefit.

Resveratrol came in as another strong contender. Instead of hunting for bottles of the rare Pinot Noir around the globe (probably great fun) which provides the highest source of resveratrol according to a Cornell University study, we give you your much needed dose in our Vegan compound – DracoBelle™ Nu with Resveratrol. Cornell found out that when you reduce calories you increase your chance of longevity and Resveratrol promises to mimic those effects. It fights aging on a cellular level.

The person that will live to 140, with health, has already been born.  So says Time Magazine’s science research team as they draw attention to healthy lifestyle choices. Are you that person? You could be with your sensitivity to living a select lifestyle.


Now who are you?

Perhaps you want to know how others see you as a steadfast vegan. This is what research tells us.

You are likely to be someone who cares deeply about the environment, the planet and the future.  You are a feeling person who wants value for money. You see a future and believe you can influence it.

You see wellness as a journey, and you eat and shop mindfully.  You pay attention when you see benefits for yourself and the significant others in your circle.

Making a positive difference to the world with your dietary choices is high on your agenda as is animal welfare.  You are super vigilant about protecting fauna and flora.


You read labels

You spend time reading labels.  With a critical eye, every ingredient on a food label or supplement label is scrutinized. You choose who you support and what you eat. Your energy levels, skin, gut, digestion, sleep, daily endurance, resistance to disease, testify to your lifestyle decision. So do an increasing number of doctors who witness dramatic and positive changes to your health.

Health-conscious food suppliers, farmer’s markets, restaurants, pharmacies and stores have listened to your growing call for a plant rich diet. Have you noticed that most good stores have a vegan section today?  Or that most good restaurants have a vegan menu, acknowledging your rising influence.  Even vegan desserts have become popular.


You have agency

You have agency.  Your signature and growing influence means pure nutrition, better health, a longer quality life and a shared code of ethics once described as a distilled collective conscience. You share an enduring belief system and an all-embracing spirituality.

The person that will live to 140, with health, has already been born.  So says Time Magazine’s science research team as they draw attention to healthy lifestyle choices. Are you that person?

Did you know that you are in good company with celebrities who actively promote veganism: Beyonce, Natalie Portman, Ariana Grand, Benedict Cumberbatch, Brad Pitt, Greta Thunberg and Bill Clinton are a few!

Vegans say their lifestyle has not only changed their lives, but it has also reinforced their value system of kindness and compassion for others including animals.  You are celebrated.


Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods or supplements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Dr Denise Bjorkman

Dr Denise Bjorkman is one of the regular expert contributors to our education platform, providing insight into personalised medicine, longevity, mental and physical health, integrative nutrition, body language and neuroscience.

She is CEO of the Neuro Business Institute, the founder of the SA Council of Coaches and Mentors and one of the leading global authorities on human body language. She has combined life careers as an educator in diverse fields. As a seasoned personal coach, author, legal scholar, neuro-wellness advisor, DNA profiler, broadcaster, and socio-political scientist, her expert consultant services have been used globally.

Her clients have included 4 heads of state, diplomats, corporate executive boards, the wellness industry, management, parents, and individuals in 16 countries for 40 years. She was described by Heidi Holland of the Sunday Times as one of the leading speakers in the country. As an opinion leader she has been a regular media commentator and much cited opinion leader for the mass media: British, European, USand local press, leading magazines, the BBC, SKY, ABC, ITN, Al Jazeera, ENCA, SABC and CNN. Topics of interviews include personality profiling, health, elections, body language and major criminal trials.

She served as a consultant to CODESA as a researcher, writer of key note addresses, advisor and as a contributor to the Media Advisory Committee, Gender Advisory Commission and the Multi-party Talks. She had her own TV programme on animal versus human body language and has featured prominently on hundreds of television and radio programs over her lifetime.

Her special interests reside in women’s development globally in which she has played a significant role for hundreds of aspirant high achievers in the political, multinational corporations and institute space. Working with multi-disciplinary teams in partnership with neuroscience gurus of Pretoria University and their research laboratory, she has helped to make major inroads into ‘brain potential’ of children, women and people seeking higher levels of performance.

Managing the toxic effects of the digital environment and social media on the human brain (without disputing its benefits)forms part of current studies. She has been described as a global authority on why touch and the skin play a critical role for mental health, wholesome children’s development, survival, longevity, a happy sex life, memory, and a boosted immune system – particularly now in times of and despite of COVID.

She therefore has a particular interest in the irrefutable role of the aesthetic industry with all its dedicated personnel and services, to help sustain physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.

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