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Muscle Active Collagen 900g Savings Bundle



Muscle Targeting Pure Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides

Buy Double & SAVE 15%

60 day Supplement

Using Tawa Lab’s Muscle Active Collagen powder as your morning ritual, may be the breakthrough needed to slow ageing and keep your muscle and body tone alive with potential. As an ‘active’ life support, the highly bioavailable and specialised collagen peptides can upgrade your health response to sport, movement and exercise.

The benefits of this product may be optimized when combined with exercise. You need Collagen for high performance and a perfectly toned body and skin. Everybody does – particularly from reliable, dietary and reputable sources supported by current scientific research. Collagen is the most abundant protein of your ody – 90% of your bone mass. As you age, less Collagen is produced. It is therefore crucial that your body continues to synthesize sufficient Collagen daily.

Benefits of TAWA Labs Collagen

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