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Muscle Active Collagen and the muscle-brain connection

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Think again if you are expecting same-old, same-old preaching about pumping iron and other exercises. You know that already!

First meet Dan Buettner. He is a serial achiever and an award-winning long-distance cyclist. He knows about muscles. He is also a National Geographics explorer known for his discoveries which have helped to influence health and change the world. One of Buettner’s discoveries was called the Blue Zones:

Buettner discovered five communities where 100-year-old thriving residents are common. These are powerful long-life lessons for him. Okinawa, Japan; Ikaria, Greece; Ogliastra Regions of Sardinia; Loma Linda, California; Nicoya Peninsula and Costa Rica became the centre of a famous study on healthy aging. Dementia? What dementia?

One striking reason is that these people have very close ties with each other. Touching is the norm as is staying connected. No one gets the vaguest symptom of ill health without the village coming to the rescue and providing support. The emotional reward is so strong that it feeds a healthy immune system and the brain. Our next blog will deal with the value of touch and survival.

Physical fitness, good muscle tone and nutrition hold the second secret to their health at that golden age. They manage to walk over hills, 40 kms a day or more, for work. Yes work! They remain active mentally and physically active. Pay attention because there is a muscle and collagen message in this for you.
The communities choose fresh vegetables, fish, and fowl from which they get all their daily vitamins and amino acids. Unlike our vegetable sources, the soil is nutrient dense, so no supplements are needed. We lack perfect soil, but we still have supplements as an option for our daily fare. Enter Muscle Active Collagen for our busy worlds, to provide a solution for different living conditions.

You are now going to need your mirror and an honest friend.


Are you fit enough for your future?

When researchers went to observe and assess these vital, active people, they also did the famous three SRT tests which could tell doctors if there were serous health problems ahead and possible early death: grip, sit-and-rise and balance. The test results are done with young people too, so don’t think it may not apply to you. Maybe you want to test this on yourself now, as all three require muscle tone and strength as well as brain health. Now before you start, remember that both the potential tone and strength of your muscles are enabled, because of bodily glue – collagen. Muscle Active Collagen has been developed to help you sustain that.



Move, move, move!

More on the three Tests of longevity or…

Read on about life expectancy, strong grip, and good balance factors that doctors have found, to help you live longer and healthier. The sit-rise test needs you to sit and rise rapidly for a minute from a chair. A similar test is rising from the floor, from a seated position in one smooth movement.



Can you still open jars with ease? Can you balance on one leg without difficulty? Maybe you can – for now. But without physical exercise, building muscle tone and maintaining your collagen levels, that could disappear.
The strength of your grip is definitely a measure of your health reports the Washington Post
It reveals more than your personality when you shake someone’s hand with firmness and confidence. It has significant predictive value: your ability to resist disease, move freely, maintain mental health, think clearly, and lead a life of easy mobility and flexibility – like Gary Player and Serena Williams. Muscle tone assists your grip. So do resistance exercises. It is not too late to start.

What has this got to do with Muscle Active Collagen? A great deal!


Shaping your body and Future

Don’t kid yourself. You need muscle tone which can be explained as residual muscle tension. It is what makes your muscles feel strong even when at rest. You need it for posture, holding your body erect when you walk and balance. Resistance training builds muscle. It creates better connections between your brain, your nervous system, and your muscles. Muscle Active Collagen is recommended with resistance training,
If you don’t keep your muscles active and toned, here is a Nostradamus type message. You will sabotage your body, brain, gut, productivity, and mental health. Oh yes, that means memory too.
Sure, 2020 was a tough year for most of us. Uncertainty, isolation, and limited home working space has played havoc with our bodies and our minds. Exercise would have been a robotic movement to a well-stocked fridge – after all it is within easy walking distance. It won’t do much for your muscular health. With the mental health impact of Covid-19 around, never mind the destructive physical effects, it is hard to get honest feedback on how we look to others. If you want to go for change, here are some ideas as you use Muscle Active Collagen to partner you with your new resolutions.


Is the body you see a disappointment to you?

Look in your mirror. If you own up to bad habits and face reality, Dr Michael Mosely, medical advisor for BBC health programmes, and producer, has made hundreds of documentaries to guide you. In vitality shows he proves why his advice works by partnering with a science lab. “Move, move, move” he says” Gain control of your body movement, gain control of your life.” To move with ease, you need your collagen. Muscle Active Collagen steps into the breach. The 1% you are probably losing per year needs to be replaced.

Gain control of your body movement, gain control of your life!

Harvard physician Dr Sarah Gottfried adds

”Never forget your collagen supplements every single day.”


Muscles, habit, and attitude hold you up right.

Is your body sculpted and toned for good posture? Is your presence noted in a room or Zoom?
Your muscles don’t have to shrivel. Here are some proven ideas to sustain health and make an impact.
Posture – the major piece in the image puzzle
Got a dowager’s hump? This is when your spine curves with the upper back and neck permanently in a forward position. Your doctor calls it a kyphosis.



Back to your mirror. Check your posture or check with a friend who won’t lie to you. Even if you are lucky and do not have a hump yet (it will come if you carry on the way you do), you are likely to have bad posture from hours spent, bending over a laptop, or peering down at your smart phone. Yes, you do! You are not alone, and the truth applies across gender. Chiropractors are reporting pronounced humps in youth in their late teens.
Option one: you can wear an uncomfortable type of holster apparatus which will trap your body into an upright position. Do you really want to be corseted all day? Option two: You can bolster your muscles with exercise, Muscle Active Collagen, and a new consciousness of your body position. Bolster your posture and you bolster your brain. Choose Tawa Labs’ Muscle Active Collagen to help.

Posture affects the brain and overall health.

Here is the bad news. Slouching compresses the abdominal organs, and their normal peristaltic movement is affected. You need peristalsis for digestion and bowel function.

Slouching affects your breathing, lungs, and your oxygen intake which in turn affects your brain. Another reason for poor productivity and memory loss. Evergreen Bruce Springsteen at age 71 is seen as the ‘world champion of aging well – physically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.



His new album ‘Letter to you’ is about successful aging. He calls it ‘earned emotional security and gratitude’ for making it in a tough world.

Madonna is known for her constant reinvention, has made body sculpting a personal goal.

Resistance exercise together with regular daily doses of a Muscle Active collagen may give you the body and brain responses you seek. Remember that collagen is the glue that holds your body together like a masterpiece of architecture, rewiring the brain and feeding the muscles, tendons, cartilage, veins, ligaments, bones, eyes, hair, and skin.

Exercise can reverse the age-related memory loss; improve thinking skills and you can see these results rapidly. Exercise can delay and maybe prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. It can also reduce depression.

It is never too late to tone and sculpt your body. So, there you have it. You heard it here. Order your Tawa Labs Muscle Active Collagen now. Click here. Don’t disappoint yourself.


Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods or supplements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Dr Denise Bjorkman

Dr Denise Bjorkman is one of the regular expert contributors to our education platform, providing insight into personalised medicine, longevity, mental and physical health, integrative nutrition, body language and neuroscience.

She is CEO of the Neuro Business Institute, the founder of the SA Council of Coaches and Mentors and one of the leading global authorities on human body language. She has combined life careers as an educator in diverse fields. As a seasoned personal coach, author, legal scholar, neuro-wellness advisor, DNA profiler, broadcaster, and socio-political scientist, her expert consultant services have been used globally.

Her clients have included 4 heads of state, diplomats, corporate executive boards, the wellness industry, management, parents, and individuals in 16 countries for 40 years. She was described by Heidi Holland of the Sunday Times as one of the leading speakers in the country. As an opinion leader she has been a regular media commentator and much cited opinion leader for the mass media: British, European, USand local press, leading magazines, the BBC, SKY, ABC, ITN, Al Jazeera, ENCA, SABC and CNN. Topics of interviews include personality profiling, health, elections, body language and major criminal trials.

She served as a consultant to CODESA as a researcher, writer of key note addresses, advisor and as a contributor to the Media Advisory Committee, Gender Advisory Commission and the Multi-party Talks. She had her own TV programme on animal versus human body language and has featured prominently on hundreds of television and radio programs over her lifetime.

Her special interests reside in women’s development globally in which she has played a significant role for hundreds of aspirant high achievers in the political, multinational corporations and institute space. Working with multi-disciplinary teams in partnership with neuroscience gurus of Pretoria University and their research laboratory, she has helped to make major inroads into ‘brain potential’ of children, women and people seeking higher levels of performance.

Managing the toxic effects of the digital environment and social media on the human brain (without disputing its benefits)forms part of current studies. She has been described as a global authority on why touch and the skin play a critical role for mental health, wholesome children’s development, survival, longevity, a happy sex life, memory, and a boosted immune system – particularly now in times of and despite of COVID.

She therefore has a particular interest in the irrefutable role of the aesthetic industry with all its dedicated personnel and services, to help sustain physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.

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