Frequently Asked Questions Aromatherapeutics

A. Our Crystal Collection is a mindfully curated, vibrationally charged, range of preblended aromatherapy elixirs. There are 7 Chakra blends, one to match each one of the body’s energy centres, and 2 more called Boosters, one for the immune system and one to assist with easy breathing. Each one of the 7 blends is charged with a specific intention: from the essential oils, the affirmation and the crystal choices. The blends are perfectly balanced to bring harmony to the body on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Crystals and essential oils are seen as conduits for healing, not just for your body, but for the earth too. Their vibrations and emitted energy influence our energy flow towards greater health and wellness. This rare and precious range will be the essential jewel in your first aid kit.