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How to capture your youth with Collagen
or limp into early old age

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7 steps towards managing your health & career.

Is this you?

Sandy is a financial advisor. Her pay packet deal with her company is a basic salary with high commission. It worked for her in the past and most of her two-hour meetings with clients were conducted face to face, over leisurely meals in destination restaurants. Regular gym visits toned her body. She could power dress to impress, sport her all year healthy tan and send messages of accomplishment and credibility to potential investors. Documents could be spread on the table for an all-round sensate experience – a particularly important strategy in sales. Then Covid-19 came along.
Tech savvy Sandy now thinks it is business as usual with some minor adjustments. Why? ‘I can master the very shortened functional meetings’ she says. ‘It is digital stuff. After all, only technical management skills of slides and verbal input is required.’ Wrong Sandy. You are working in an untested, restricted, and focused space presenting an unforgiving one-dimensional image. Check your replays. High resolution cameras now reveal all with no other distractions. Suddenly it is not only about content because you are the message too.

Sandy does not have the benefit of a TV makeup artist. Fine lines and fatigue on her face are highlighted. Lockdowns exact a price. Her diet and exercise regime have changed as has her previously alluring body image. Her posture lacks oomph, and her hair lack lustre. Sandy is not alone. How you look has become a dramatized event.

Did you know that sociologist Irving Goffman predicted this cultural ideal 60 years ago and you guessed right – it is not going away.

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Let a little Collagen  in your Life. Creating a positive identity and image is more than vanity – it is a reality. Use collagen with confidence. All the tips you need are shared.



Supplements are part of lifestyle medicine combined with the new science of healthy aging. You will understand why as you read on.

Collagen’ says Dr. Shereene Idriss a board-certified dermatologist, speaking to Forbes,  supports the use of supplements. ‘ Collagen…is the holy grail of healthy skin which is why it’s crucial to take care of collagen in your skin—no matter what age you are.
Dr Shari Marchbein also backs the use of supplements in her regular column for the New York Times but with one strong proviso. Be prepared for long term use. Select supplements such as collagen are a golden thread throughout your genetic and physical framework, lifestyle choices, brain, and gut health. This golden thread promises to add to quality of life, both mental and physical. Understand why, and life and living can take on new meaning for you.


Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

‘Today is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again.’

Those are the words of Eleanor Roosevelt during her tenure as First Lady to USA President Franklin D Roosevelt. Today she would be our best advertisement for collagen. She radiates. ‘Act today’ was her ensuring message which places a spotlight on the combo of youth and healthy aging. She was known for her inspirational wisdom and as a positive instrument for change. Her own radiance can be seen in her postage stamp image.

Today’s 7 step message for men and women is about looking and feeling younger. Your daily dose of collagen  may be the secret ingredient to promote all round wellbeing and a healthier bank balance. Do not lose out. Read on


Square up with collagen

Square up to reality. If you are like most people, squaring up to the aging process is avoided – maybe, because it seems a long way off. Wrong approach. Facing up to the ‘now’ prevents a clean-up job later. A clean up means revitalisation of your body and not cleaning out your bank account to pay a host of clinical experts to do repair jobs: psychiatrists, plastic surgeons, psychologists, cardiologists, neurologists, and dermatologists to name a few. ‘If you have got the money honey, they’ve got the time.’ This was once a memorable refrain in a popular song. Regular supplementation of pure collagen is essential for change.


Live Up with collagen

Look good with collagen. Stop right there if you think looking good is about beauty, because that ideal varies from culture to culture. It is however about how we project a healthy look. Radiated health causes an unconscious response, making us a safe bet for those who want to engage with us for their own survival. But you cannot stop there. Our next blog will give you the inside track on this. Western ideals about appearance and image may not be desirable but for a century it has held fast because there is an evolutionary bias to healthy looks. Enter the enticing field of neuroscience. Sign up for our free newsletter on primitive brain responses of potential employers, friends, and associates. Click here. Get the facts not the quackery.
The cosmetic industry is worth trillions of dollars because of aesthetic appeal. Listen to the market. A quick look at health and sport magazines will show you that the male self-care product industry is the fastest growing market with more men conscious of their body image, health, and body sculpting than ever before.
Here’s why. Anything associated with aging gets an unfair rap because it has strong cultural roots, and it is resistant to change. Life is different in the East. The aging process, and the wisdom of the aged are both respected. Digging deeper, did you know that less than 3% of China’s population is obese and maybe that is a secret ingredient of their positive view of each other. Slimmer people are viewed differently. In the West, the subject of aging is avoided in good company. Slimness (not anorexia please note) is also seen as a sign of emotional intelligence: self-discipline. Daniel Goleman has much to say about this.

Deep seated fears of aging triggered by physical signs lie within your psyche, like it or not. Wellness expert, Dr Frank Lipman’s favourite subject is obesity and aging. Over 40% of the USA population is obese.

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Aging is associated with unwanted images of chronic physical and mental diseases and Alzheimer’s is one. Western culture is accused of its obsession with ageism: the unfair discrimination against and stereotyping of older people. We can and will be judged. A fact of Western life. Positive emotional triggers are youth, vitality, attractiveness, smooth skin, and athletic appearance. Negative emotional triggers are wrinkles, slow movement, and overall lack of fitness. The media you will notice, continues to promote positive images. See these trends in TV commercials, pageants, fashion walkways and magazines, career potential and employment statistics.
Look young. Renew & Restore Collagen is an excellent choice for a Zoom work-from-home life. If you are on Zoom regularly and your appearance and your career is important to you, take note of this. Your credibility may depend on it.


Code Up on collagen

Does your DNA profile give you important insights? Avoid the bandwagon charlatans. Do not miss our free newsletter on reputable DNA profiling. Click here. If you could prevent early aging and the disorders that often accompany it, would you be interested? Most people say yes. Personalised, prevention medicine, aka functional, integrated medicine. Functional medicine aims at preventing disease with informed decisions. It is the hottest subject around the globe today and it is finally being offered as a university subject. A DNA profile test may help you. One drug or treatment does not fit all says Dr Jeffrey Bland. You are born an original so do not die a copy. You have a unique genetic structure. With a personalized DNA profile, a registered practitioner can help you design your own perfect diet and lifestyle.
The way you synthesise collagen is your own. Your nutrition needs may be totally different from a sibling or a friend. With the help of a trained professional, you can discover a personal code for longevity and perfect health.


You were born an original do not die a copy.

Quack DNA tests are a dime a dozen on the internet. Reputable laboratories are now affordable and available. Know what you are paying for. Correctly analysed, they may help you learn about your personal dietary or supplementary needs. Genetic tests belong to clinical medicine and they in turn provide insights into understanding our collagen needs. Once again – only consult a registered DNA profiler who can pinpoint what you need to know to maintain health and a youthful appearance, how to prevent disease and how to slow down the aging process. Know your own body structure and its responses.
As one of our subscribed members you will receive a newsletter on how to access all the respected DNA laboratory tests and optimise your best self. Now is the time to sign up if you have not done so yet. Click here.
Here is good news. You are only 10% of your genes. Helplessly blaming your DNA for your aches and pains is bad science and a cop-out even if you have genetic evidence for weight, poor metabolism, heart disease, and arthritis. The secret is to stop ‘bad’ genes expressing themselves. ‘Genetics loads the gun, and the environment pulls the trigger’ has become a meme because it is true. 90% of the disorders that can impact on your unmanaged life are caused by the environment. Because you can control your environment you can switch your genes on or off. You have choices. Collagen steps up to the plate for you as a valuable aid.


Clean up your act with collagen

Never use age as an excuse.

That is the mantra of 105-year-old Ida Keeling, American track and field athlete who was still doing push ups at the age of 100. Okay she is not exactly sprinting at New York City Marathon speed, but her message of perpetual health has earned her global media coverage. Good visibility brings in the business – you should know that. Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder is his best and only PR agent. 85-year-old Gary Player does 1200 push ups a day. He freely shares his lifestyle choices with all who want to listen and learn. Gary publicly stresses the value of nutrition. He couples his dietary requirements and supplements to resistance training. The result is self-evident.



If you want resilience, visible body tone, a youthful appearance and vitality clean up your act.
In a perfect world you would not have to use supplements. Centuries ago, soil quality was more nutrient dense. It was not contaminated by pesticides or affected by the ravages of climate change.

Genetics loads the gun, and the environment pulls the trigger

You need access to rich sources of Vitamin C for collagen health. Vitamin C is consumed in the collagen manufacturing process and that is why large quantities of Vitamin C are required in the diet daily.
Supplements once derided by health institutes are finally acknowledged as helpful. Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling extolled the virtues of adequate Vitamin C consumption and supplements in 1970 – five decades ago – so why did it take so long for the science world to wake up? Trashing refined food is a good idea as it is denuded of adequate Vitamin C. Tawa Labs Vita C Baobab is pure. It is designed to give you a healthy daily dose. It is also a powerful combo to use with resistance training.
Strength training is critical as you age because aging begins with your muscles and once more collagen is essential for muscle toning and strength. ‘You are as young as your spine is flexible says Joseph Pilates, the founder of the Pilates movement.’ Think and thank collagen for that. Famous pathologist, Prof William Boyd, argued on the other hand that you are old as your veins and arteries. Confused? Don’t be. The opinions do not contradict each other. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It also thickens artery walls giving it the elasticity it needs. It is everywhere.
‘In Italy, every stone dreams of becoming a cathedral.’ So says prize winning author Ken Follett.  Imagine an ancient architectural wonder in Italy or elsewhere, without the mortar that has held it together for thousands of years. Collagen has ancient heritage in your body. That is what collagen as a structural component does. Remember, collagen is responsible for connective tissue throughout your body: muscles, tendons, skin, bones, cartilage, and ligaments.

You are the cathedral

You are that cathedral. Collagen is the biological glue that holds your entire physical structure together. Whichever way you turn, collagen shows up for your attention.



Face up to Collagen

Collagen makes up 80% of your skin! Look in the mirror. Has the shape of your face altered? Harvard educated physician Dr Sara Gottfried is an expert about the physics of aging. Collagen production reduces with age. You once had a facial triangle of youth. As you age, however, you lose cheek and bone volume and the appealing, firm triangle flips. Can collagen flip ‘the inverted triangle?’ She thinks so. In her famous book Younger she describes this aging process:

‘…if you draw a line across the cheeks from ear to ear and then close the triangle by drawing a line from each ear to the chin, the widest part of the face is at the cheeks. But as you age thanks to gravity, cheeks deflate, and fat moves south. Your body makes less collagen, and the collagen that it does make is less elastic, so your skin is not as thick and firm as before. Your bones thin, so the cheekbones shrink. Excess skin moves to the lower side, and now the widest part of your face is at the jawline, and the triangle of youth flips upside down.’

Dr Sara calls it ‘inflammaging’ or inflammation caused by premature aging. Tawa Labs Radiance Collagen has its focus on skin integrity: texture, moisture, and reduced wrinkling. ‘90% of the signs of aging and disease are caused by lifestyle not genes…the female body is magnificent, but it does not come with a lifetime warrantee.’ Ouch! Scientific breakthroughs, like those on collagen, can however point you in the right direction.
Tawa Labs products contain hydrolysed collagen or peptides which makes them more easily absorbed by the body. Science supports this.


Heads up with collagen


Deep inside your gut, you have what is known as the second brain, or what scientists call the ENS – the enteric nervous system. All day, it communicates back and forth with your main brain. Learn about this in our forthcoming blog. Click here for our our free newsletter which will share valuable topics such as ‘The Gut Brain Access. Gut inflammation is common, but you guessed right – collagen protects the gut. Inflammation is a red flag for mental health decline and believed to be central to most diseases. Dr Dale Bredesen, famous author of The End of Alzheimers has shown that bad dietary habits and environmental factors not only cause poor gut health and inflammation – they link directly to everyday brain health. You need your wits about you to survive in these times.

If your body gives up on you, it can affect your mental health. Perhaps you are already experiencing some symptoms. Aches and pains can cause depression. Collagen hydrolysed peptides however, taken in regular daily doses, prevents the breakdown of your gut and they also have anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation must be seen in a brand-new light as it underpins many of the brain disorders you will hear about today. See beyond those sore knees and joints. Collagen contains essential amino acids of glycine, glutamine, and proline to maintain gut health. Do not lose out. A poorly functioning gut can cause mood changes and contribute to a host of other mental health disorders. One study showed that daily consumption of collagen hydrolysate helps to change brain structure, how we think and process information, solve problems and improve language function.


Close-up with collagen

Do you look good close-up? Just looking good on Zoom is not enough as you will have face to face encounters from time to time. Even with social distancing, your skin, hair, cardiovascular, bone, spine, gut, and brain health can all tell a story. Remember, the structure and architecture of your body depends on collagen
Clinical specialists see us through the lens of their training: neurologists see the brain, cardiologists see the heart and veins, orthopaedic surgeons see your bone, cartilage and tendon structure and dieticians see you through your diet. Despite their specialisations you can see from above that everything is still connected. Collagen is the common denominator. Remember, it is responsible for connective tissue in the body: skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, veins and arteries and cartilage. The message is a simple one. You cannot build a house on poor foundations. Invest in preserving it. Look good close-up, not only from a distance!

Make Collagen part of your well-being – a daily bouquet. Our powders are popular because of our Tawa Lab standards and of the ease of adding to smoothies, food, juices, beverages, and water.


Become an Accredited Collagen Vendor

Join up. Be part of the growing Wellness movement.

Do not lose out. Do you qualify to become a wellness or health coach? Apply now and join our prestigious, national team of wellness enthusiasts. When you become an appointed vendor, you can participate in regular free webinars with the latest research on health products and how they benefit the body, mind, and soul.



Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods or supplements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Dr Denise Bjorkman

Dr Denise Bjorkman is one of the regular expert contributors to our education platform, providing insight into personalised medicine, longevity, mental and physical health, integrative nutrition, body language and neuroscience.

She is CEO of the Neuro Business Institute, the founder of the SA Council of Coaches and Mentors and one of the leading global authorities on human body language. She has combined life careers as an educator in diverse fields. As a seasoned personal coach, author, legal scholar, neuro-wellness advisor, DNA profiler, broadcaster, and socio-political scientist, her expert consultant services have been used globally.

Her clients have included 4 heads of state, diplomats, corporate executive boards, the wellness industry, management, parents, and individuals in 16 countries for 40 years. She was described by Heidi Holland of the Sunday Times as one of the leading speakers in the country. As an opinion leader she has been a regular media commentator and much cited opinion leader for the mass media: British, European, USand local press, leading magazines, the BBC, SKY, ABC, ITN, Al Jazeera, ENCA, SABC and CNN. Topics of interviews include personality profiling, health, elections, body language and major criminal trials.

She served as a consultant to CODESA as a researcher, writer of key note addresses, advisor and as a contributor to the Media Advisory Committee, Gender Advisory Commission and the Multi-party Talks. She had her own TV programme on animal versus human body language and has featured prominently on hundreds of television and radio programs over her lifetime.

Her special interests reside in women’s development globally in which she has played a significant role for hundreds of aspirant high achievers in the political, multinational corporations and institute space. Working with multi-disciplinary teams in partnership with neuroscience gurus of Pretoria University and their research laboratory, she has helped to make major inroads into ‘brain potential’ of children, women and people seeking higher levels of performance.

Managing the toxic effects of the digital environment and social media on the human brain (without disputing its benefits)forms part of current studies. She has been described as a global authority on why touch and the skin play a critical role for mental health, wholesome children’s development, survival, longevity, a happy sex life, memory, and a boosted immune system – particularly now in times of and despite of COVID.

She therefore has a particular interest in the irrefutable role of the aesthetic industry with all its dedicated personnel and services, to help sustain physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.

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