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Gifts from Gaia by The Soul Khaya

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Since the beginning of time people have been turning to crystals for their healing benefits.

These beautiful treasures of Mother Earth are born from elemental energy. They capture the sun, moon, salt seas, soil and mountains and they can transmute all that healing power back to us.

Crystals have adorned the breastplates of priests and warriors, been used in shamanic service, have been guiding lights for ancient tribes, and have been stashed in the pockets of princesses, sailors, and healers for time immemorial.

In the modern world, these potent stones hold as much power. As time ticks on they only grow more & more potent, and one of the most valuable assets for helping us to reconnect to the natural world.

They help us to channel our intentions, raise our vibrations, and bring out all the dormant potential, grace and beauty each of us already have stored inside.

We have all the answers inside of us, it is only a matter of remembering, a returning to our infinite and innate intelligence.

All life holds a vibration and if we can match our inner vibrations to the things we want in this world, we are able to manifest them into our lives. Crystals can help to bridge that gap with their cleansing potential and positive vibrations.

These gifts from Mother Earth also invite us to sit in mindfulness or meditation, and contemplate on how we can calm minds and step into deeper healing.

Crystals go through an incredible geological process in the earth. The combination of heat, compression, and millions of years can do some incredible things!

The YouTube link below is easy to understand and well worth a watch to gain more insight.


Mandy Trollip - Owner of The Soul Khaya

Mandy Trollip has historical roots in the spa industry as a trusted entrepreneur, innovator and change agent. Her interest in holistic therapies broadened her appreciation of wellness in this sector. For ten years she was a shareholder and managing director of one of the largest spa groups in Africa.

Building multi skilled teams became her passion and legacy. The spa industry made its entry into the wellness and hospitality market early in the millennium. It created opportunities for a host of therapeutic interventions, all of which contributed to its growth, new terrains of employment and health consciousness. She became part of this wave. Mandy expanded her knowledge, experience, and skills by leading the field with qualifications in this sector.

Somatology, kinesiology, mediation and mindfulness, crystal therapy, sound healing, and specialized aromatherapy became her focus. Her vision and lifelong passions combined into a much-loved career path. She became a mentor to new incumbents who sought both a home in the wellness space and high-level standards. Warm, engaging, and innovative, Mandy built lasting relationships across the country. Her insights, authenticity and drive earned the respect of clients, suppliers and vendors who sought her expertise, products, and advice.

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