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Good vibrations! crystal healing explained by The Soul Khaya

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From the great galaxies to the subatomic, all people and particles dance to a vibration of resonance. Resonance is a way of storing energy by vibrating at a particular frequency, and everything (everything) in the universe resonates.



If energy is added to something at its resonate frequency, it can store more and more of that energy by vibrating at that particular resonate frequency. Simply put this translates to, more energy = higher vibration, or, the more the energy the greater the life force energy. Our Vital Life Force energy, also known as Chi, Ki, Prana or Mana is directly linked to our wellbeing, vitality and happiness. What does this have to do with Crystal Therapy? Well, everything!

The above fundamentals of resonance sum up the basics of Crystal Therapy. For example when during a Crystal Massage we lay out a clear quartz energy grid around the treatment bed and then, with focused intention, perform a chakra stone layout along the pathway of the 7 corresponding energy centres, we are weaving a matrix of raised vibration.

What arises naturally from the stones frequencies, colours, shapes and mineral content, along with the therapists focused intention, is a deep sense of harmony and peace for the guest and therapist alike. The energy system begins to flow and balance, and as science tells us, through entrainment, this alignment of rhythm now flows into the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.
And this is just the start of the treatment!



Discerning guests seek authentic experiences which allow them to go within and visit the landscape of self-inquiry. No longer is a 60 minute Swedish massage enough to feed their soul. Now more than ever we need to provide the space for outer and inner sensory experiences. This is the future for body therapies. Along with other modalities of like breathe work, meditation, sound therapy, and aromatherapy in the form of the Tawa Labs Crystal Collection, the crystal massage brings a gift to the guest, enabling him/her to embrace the remainder of their day with renewed energy, joy and happiness. And with entrainment this joy transfers from this moment to the next and the next, and from this person to the next and the next.

The Tawa Labs Crystal Therapy training curated for therapists enables them to bridge the gap between providing merely a body massage, to creating an authentic open hearted holistic therapy.
The regular practice of receiving, and giving, a mindful massage is without doubt an altruistic act. How so? Unconditionally giving benefits both the receiver and the giver by activating our happy hormones! These regular experiences settle into ones consciousness, improving the quality of one’s mind and overall wellbeing.

Mandy Trollip - Owner of The Soul Khaya

Mandy Trollip has historical roots in the spa industry as a trusted entrepreneur, innovator and change agent. Her interest in holistic therapies broadened her appreciation of wellness in this sector. For ten years she was a shareholder and managing director of one of the largest spa groups in Africa.

Building multi skilled teams became her passion and legacy. The spa industry made its entry into the wellness and hospitality market early in the millennium. It created opportunities for a host of therapeutic interventions, all of which contributed to its growth, new terrains of employment and health consciousness. She became part of this wave. Mandy expanded her knowledge, experience, and skills by leading the field with qualifications in this sector.

Somatology, kinesiology, mediation and mindfulness, crystal therapy, sound healing, and specialized aromatherapy became her focus. Her vision and lifelong passions combined into a much-loved career path. She became a mentor to new incumbents who sought both a home in the wellness space and high-level standards. Warm, engaging, and innovative, Mandy built lasting relationships across the country. Her insights, authenticity and drive earned the respect of clients, suppliers and vendors who sought her expertise, products, and advice.

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