Vita C Baobab

I’m blown away to discover that Baobab is now used as a supplement not only for its high vitamin C content but also because Collagen needs vitamin C, and lots of it,  for maintaining collagen levels in the body. I’ve become a Baobab tree hugger because I take my Vita C Baobab Collagen every day.  I get the dose I need without missing the Collagen I have to take too. It’s just so easy and I feel good about myself for supporting the African Baobab and what it has to offer my health. I have been taking the Vita C Boabab for the last few months and my skin is really glowing.  I love knowing this assists in Collagen production, because I am a Vegetarian and my personal preference is to take a plant based supplement that will enhance the Collagen in my skin.

Brooklyn Neveling Vita C Baobab Jan 26, 2021

Author Tawa Labs