Renew & Restore Collagen

When I began using the Renew and Restore collagen 6 months ago I never imagined the rewards I would reap! The immediate improvement in my digestive system and sleep were amazing, after the third month I noticed considerable improvement in my hair, skin and nails. Just last week,  after 6 months of use, my hairdresser was astonished at the new hair growth and the great condition of my hair.

Two months in, and with the excellent results I was getting from Renew & Restore Collagen, I began taking the Muscle Active and Vit C Baobab powders as I needed to, nourish my body, build lean muscle mass and strengthen my immune system.  I am really delighted with the results. I add both the collagens & the Vit C Baobab powder to my protein smoothie every morning without fail.

There is no person who should not be using this stunning Tawa Labs range!

Mandy Trollip Renew & Restore Collagen Jan 26, 2021

Author Tawa Labs