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Renew & Restore Collagen

I’ve never been one for supplements but working from home got to me in more ways than one. I needed to start looking after me.  Every time i walked into a health hyper store, there seemed to be hundreds of products and I had no way of finding out which was good or not so good. I did myself one favour and went to a Spa. The owner who was a wellness trained coach recommended Tawa Labs Collagen to me. She had loads of experience and commented on my skin texture which looked as if I was aging before my time. I started using Renew & Restore Collagen and I can see and feel the changes in my body.  What was a surprise is something I didn’t expect -I had a brain fog which I thought was caused by sitting too much. Now I know that collagen also affects brain health. I have made Renew & Restore Collagen part of my daily rituals.  Watch this space!

Hennie Vivier Renew & Restore Collagen Jan 26, 2021

Author Tawa Labs