Renew & Restore Collagen

Dear Tawa labs – I bought my first packet of the Renew & Restore Collagen on 8th January 2021. My hair is very fine and thin, and after 3 weeks I have noticed that my hair has more body.  My husband is also taking it. We’ve both noticed a healthier skin texture which has taken attention away from the bags under our eyes. My intake of the collagen is mornings and night and my husband takes it at night. We mix Renew & Restore collagen with Vitamin C powder and  water, giving it a great flavour.  I have also experienced that I am sleeping a lot better.  I’ve just ordered my second bag because I definitely see results happening,  I definitely recommend Renew & Restore Collagen.  It is our daily supplement from now on.

Connie Erasmus Renew & Restore Collagen Jan 26, 2021

Author Tawa Labs