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FREE: Special Bonus to Accredited Tawa Labs Vendor

Tawa Labs is affiliated to the SACCM (The SA Council for Professional Coaches & Mentors), to guarantee that standards are sustained. This is achieved with benchmark coaching of accredited Wholesalers, helping you to achieve a competitive advantage. Join up. Become an accredited Vendor and enjoy strategic and profitable benefits. This will place you in a superior category as a trusted, professional vendor of the Tawa Labs product range. As a registered vendor, you can then in turn provide an additional limited coaching service to specific standards.

The South African Council for Professional Coaches and Mentors (The SACCM) confers (country) Membership of Association (CMA). The SACCM provides FREE webinar customer service and product coaching for the personnel of vendors to ensure ongoing and appropriate knowledge for application in your unique environment. Because of our unique health institute affiliations, you will gain essential knowledge that sets you apart from competitors. Be a cut above. Health and wellness coaching, customer service and sales are some of the webinars available to you, free, as an approved agent.

We will help your business grow. In time you may choose to become a licensed health or wellness coach. T&Cs apply. The above is optional for your competitive advantage.


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