What it means to be vegan

What it means to be vegan You are a vegan with uncompromising taste, an eye for detail and you want no second guessing. Tawa Labs understands this and is at your side as you add essential collagen to your lifestyle.  Our DracoBelle™Nu with Resveratrol promise is one that meets your vegan challenge of purity and […]

Dracobelle<b style="font-family: Open Sans">™</b>Nu with Resveratrol, Vegan Collagen Booster, You are Safe with the Science

DracoBelle™ Nu is a purely plant based key to beautiful skin promoting skin hydration, regeneration and boosting Collagen repair. is a natural anti-aging ingredient that is prepared from the organic aerial parts of cultivated Moldavian Dragonhead. is a unique water-soluble extract with clinically demonstrated improvements of skin moisture, elasticity and density. exerts beneficial effects by […]

How to capture your youth with Collagen </br> or limp into early old age

7 steps towards managing your health & career. Is this you? Sandy is a financial advisor. Her pay packet deal with her company is a basic salary with high commission. It worked for her in the past and most of her two-hour meetings with clients were conducted face to face, over leisurely meals in destination […]

Muscle Active Collagen and the muscle-brain connection

Think again if you are expecting same-old, same-old preaching about pumping iron and other exercises. You know that already! First meet Dan Buettner. He is a serial achiever and an award-winning long-distance cyclist. He knows about muscles. He is also a National Geographics explorer known for his discoveries which have helped to influence health and […]

Collagen loading: The Vitamin C science behind it

Is it time to push your RESET BUTTON? Vita C Baobab for Collagen loading may be your personal recipe for fixing Collagen related deficiencies. The idea of loading appears in different forms of therapies. Take Mike Davis who had a sleep problem. Night after night he battled with every trick that was suggested on Dr […]