How to capture your youth with Collagen or limp into early old age

7 steps towards managing your health & career. Is this you? Sandy is a financial advisor. Her pay packet deal with her company is a basic salary with high commission. It worked for her in the past and most of her two-hour meetings with clients were conducted face to face, over leisurely meals in destination […]

Muscle Active Collagen and the muscle-brain connection

Think again if you are expecting same-old, same-old preaching about pumping iron and other exercises. You know that already! First meet Dan Buettner. He is a serial achiever and an award-winning long-distance cyclist. He knows about muscles. He is also a National Geographics explorer known for his discoveries which have helped to influence health and […]

Collagen loading: The Vitamin C science behind it

Is it time to push your RESET BUTTON? Vita C Baobab for Collagen loading may be your personal recipe for fixing Collagen related deficiencies. The idea of loading appears in different forms of therapies. Take Mike Davis who had a sleep problem. Night after night he battled with every trick that was suggested on Dr […]