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How to confront supplement and vitamin denialists, the facts not the fiction

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Today you may need vitamins and supplements. Everyone does.  Yes, we should be getting all every day from our vegetables and fruits.  Nice theory but as my Professor used to say, a vrot theory is a vrot theory.

If you are like me, you have included vitamins and supplements into your daily fare. No doubt you have heard the anti-supplement and vitamin brigade telling you how much money you are wasting – that it all ends up in the loo.  True if you take it at the wrong time with the wrong food and vegetables it could end up in the loo. Let me give you a sane background to the debate and then you can decide which argument has the most substance.  Also get yourself a copy of Dr Willem Serfontein’s book New Nutrition – Transform your Life.

…And a conspiracy can be a real conspiracy

Sometimes’, Sigmund Freud said jocularly, ‘a cigar is just a cigar and not a phallic symbol.’  Sometimes what we think is just a conspiracy theory, is really steeped in conspiracy behind the scenes by big pharma who sees supplements as a threat to their existing markets and products. Like stereotypes, some conspiracies are grounded in harsh reality and hidden by big commerce with vested interests. They say the difference between a conspiracy and reality is six months. Read on and find out why.

Two major events have changed our nutrition habits.

Once upon a time there was abundant soil rich in nutrients which provided equally nutrient rich vegetables.  Scientific American describes it beautifully: ‘…the world is dirt poor.’  Along came the needs of commerce which demanded high agricultural yield with vegetables that were pest resistant, providing a significant financial return. Enter pesticides such as Round Up from Monsanto which did protect the interests of the farmer who needed large scale production. Monsanto responded to real commercial needs, that is understandable, but they may not be the interests of your health, gut, and brain. It has been banned in many countries and it is a dirty word in Europe.  Your gut is your second brain.  Have you ever wondered why there is an exponential rise in neurological conditions and other diseases?  Too many published research articles suggest the answer lies in what you eat. It begins in the gut and toxic foodstuffs. What is in the soil and your vegetables may provide a partial answer. High level production caused us to pay a price. Sometimes the ultimate price. Read up on why Europe has banned the use of Monsanto’s glyphosate weed killer called Round-Up.  It is allowed in South Africa, so be extra careful about what you eat.



From the turn of the last century industrialists started deliberately denaturing what we eat in food by processing methods. Rice was polished. Grains were milled.  Milk was sterilised, destroying Vitamin C. Why? Canned foods were given long shelf life with over 1500 chemicals which are potentially toxic according to nutrition expert Dr Serfontein. Including high sodium. He is the one who discovered nitrosamines in cigarette smoke which causes lung cancer and other diseases.

Processed foods are first stripped of many nutrients. We get romanced when we are told as an afterthought, that vitamins were added to bleached cereals which makes many mothers immediately reach for them in supermarkets for their children.  Are you happy eating bleach?  I am not. The vitamin consumption idea was cautiously spawned about 1912 because doctors identified deficiencies and were concerned. Scurvy and pellagra were seen too often. That did not stop them joining forces and declaring supplements as ‘extravagant and misleading.’ A medical journal began to promote multivitamin pills and a mind shift and trend was born.  Yet today more than 90% of Americans fall short of at least one mineral or vitamin one study says.  You need 8 oranges for your daily Vit A says Serfontein.


Denying the truth doesn’t change the facts

We do need medication.  Famous drugs produced over the years have saved countless lives and enabled people, even with comorbidities to lead comfortable lives. We cannot overlook the contributions pharmaceutical companies have made. But there is more to the picture and there is space for everyone.

Linus Pauling won the Nobel Prize for his discoveries about Vitamin C ‘s role in health in the 1960s. The FDA then tried to regulate the surging vitamin market but failed. It interfered with freedom of choice. Today vitamins and supplements are designed for different stages of life – extending life into healthy old age. Like collagen which we cannot manufacture as we get older and tend to lose at the rate of 1% per year from the age of 25. The idea of superfoods was born expanding supplements into a new era.

So, think about it. The number of vegetables you would have to consume to get appropriate levels could keep you busy all day in the kitchen and garden if you have that much time on your hands. I can’t see anyone eating buckets of broccoli in one day.  That is why DIM has entered the market – a compound of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, and Brussel sprouts at the level you need it per day, which you can purchase from select suppliers.


The worst thing about being lied to by statutory bodies – is knowing that perhaps to them – you’re not worth the truth.

A Kushi Institute study found that in 20 years alone, calcium in vegetables dropped 7% and Vitamin C – 30%. You need Vitamin C to build collagen. Iron has dropped 22% and potassium 14%.

The idea of consuming a range of vitamins is not new. There are advantages to increasing intake of vitamins, mineral and other supplements. Doctors don’t exactly get 5 years of nutritional training added to their curriculum. So don’t expect them to give you a life changing sermon on what you need for adequate health. The medical profession is still guilty of an inertia when adopting new ideas.  Dr Gary Fettke, an Australian orthopaedic surgeon, was stripped of his right to practise medicine because he advised his patients to choose better dietary habits.   He was finally reinstated with an apology. Too little to late. It exposed the rot in the medical system in Oz. He witnessed the disease evidence from poor dietary habits first-hand and followed the medical creed: ‘Do no harm.’  A frustrated Dr Willem Serfontein, famous for challenging impersonal approaches of the medical profession notes their refusal to acknowledge that 200 IU of Vitamin E can reduce heart attacks by 77%. A so-called balanced diet may be very sub-optimal.

Dr Willem Serfontein published his own discreet study. He found that those who condemned taking supplements, were actively buying them, and consuming them. That included dieticians, doctors, and nutritionists. Caught in yheir hypocritical act. And have you noticed that supplements are now being recommended by the medical profession to fight Covid-19? Look again.

You are worth the truth. Caught up in the confusion of collagen being a worthy supplement for your body? Let’s delve into history. It is not the only supplement under attack. Read Leigh Matthews on on its dangers as a herbicide.

World famous Harvard physician and scientist, Dr Sara Gottfried supports Serfontein’s findings. A global authority on retaining and sustaining youth, she identifies inadequate nutrition in our foodstuffs and suggests a range of vitamins, minerals, and collagen supplements for total health. In the case of collagen supplementation, it is true that many unscrupulous people have made outlandish claims which are not supported by scientific studies. Prof Tim Noakes tells us that the American Heart Foundation was paid by the seed oil industry to promote inflammatory industrial seed oils such as Canola Oil.  Ugh. Manufactured oils under questionable conditions. Industry’s purpose is often to sell their own newly manufactured products often from spurious sources. Sometimes it is only about the money honey.

Remember how melamine was included in baby food to replace certain proteins. Hair recovery for men after increasing baldness is another recent  snake oil claim.  Alopecia Areata is an auto immune disease and it does not respond to Collagen supplements.  But there are enough peer reviewed studies, conducted by reputable researchers with no conflicts of interest, to prove its benefits for reducing inflammation in the body, reducing neuralgia and fibromyalgia pain, assist sleep, improve skin and connective tissue, gut, and brain health, and never forget that inflammation may stand central to all ‘disease’ conditions in the human body.

This is your decision. Are sub optimal levels good enough for you? I personally don’t think so.  You choose. Do you have access to organically farmed vegetables? Most people do not. Big Pharma attacks the supplement market regularly. Have you noticed? Rather bitter are they!  The supplement market is worth a fortune –why do they do this?  A remarkably simple answer is found in the intellectual property industry. Because they cannot register trademarks and patents for supplements which would help them ringfence the trillion-dollar global  trade. So, hypocrisy reigns. You do not have to join this hypocrisy.

It is your body and your mind. You are worth the truth. Listen to the science

Additional Readings: 

GeneFood. Leigh Matthews.  Why Glyphosate is Dangerous, and How to Avoid Eating it. 15 December 2020


Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods or supplements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Dr Denise Bjorkman

Dr Denise Bjorkman is one of the regular expert contributors to our education platform, providing insight into personalised medicine, longevity, mental and physical health, integrative nutrition, body language and neuroscience.

She is CEO of the Neuro Business Institute, the founder of the SA Council of Coaches and Mentors and one of the leading global authorities on human body language. She has combined life careers as an educator in diverse fields. As a seasoned personal coach, author, legal scholar, neuro-wellness advisor, DNA profiler, broadcaster, and socio-political scientist, her expert consultant services have been used globally.

Her clients have included 4 heads of state, diplomats, corporate executive boards, the wellness industry, management, parents, and individuals in 16 countries for 40 years. She was described by Heidi Holland of the Sunday Times as one of the leading speakers in the country. As an opinion leader she has been a regular media commentator and much cited opinion leader for the mass media: British, European, USand local press, leading magazines, the BBC, SKY, ABC, ITN, Al Jazeera, ENCA, SABC and CNN. Topics of interviews include personality profiling, health, elections, body language and major criminal trials.

She served as a consultant to CODESA as a researcher, writer of key note addresses, advisor and as a contributor to the Media Advisory Committee, Gender Advisory Commission and the Multi-party Talks. She had her own TV programme on animal versus human body language and has featured prominently on hundreds of television and radio programs over her lifetime.

Her special interests reside in women’s development globally in which she has played a significant role for hundreds of aspirant high achievers in the political, multinational corporations and institute space. Working with multi-disciplinary teams in partnership with neuroscience gurus of Pretoria University and their research laboratory, she has helped to make major inroads into ‘brain potential’ of children, women and people seeking higher levels of performance.

Managing the toxic effects of the digital environment and social media on the human brain (without disputing its benefits)forms part of current studies. She has been described as a global authority on why touch and the skin play a critical role for mental health, wholesome children’s development, survival, longevity, a happy sex life, memory, and a boosted immune system – particularly now in times of and despite of COVID.

She therefore has a particular interest in the irrefutable role of the aesthetic industry with all its dedicated personnel and services, to help sustain physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.

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