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Ancestral essential oils and a life refined

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Essential oils give life

Cindy was a final year accounting student – the jewel of Diane, her single parent mother’s eye. Driving from university one afternoon, a drunken driver shot a traffic light and smashed into her car rendering her unconscious. Cindy remained in a coma in hospital for the next six months. Doctors advised Diane to ‘pull the plug’ as Cindy ‘would never come out of her coma and it was the kindest thing to do.’ Her medical insurance cover had run out and she owed the hospital a small fortune which Diane did not have. Diane, refused to accept their prognosis and she took Cindy home becoming her full time caregiver. With the help of a benefactor, Cindy was hooked up to life saving machines. A good mother, Diane did her homework. She had read of comatose patients who woke up to the sound of favourite music, a family dog’s bark or special aromas. She remembered that sandalwood was a smell that Cindy had loved. Placing an infuser in the bedroom one night, her first vision on returning to Cindy’s bedside was a fully awake daughter with a wide smile to greet her mother. Today Cindy is a qualified accountant leading a happy life.



Essential oils have other stories to tell.

Serene, beautiful and relaxed is how celebrities are described at the night of Oscars as they twirl for the cameras on the red carpet in exotic designer gowns.

We live in challenging times. Since recorded times people have sought natural solutions to a variety of disorders, not only celebrities. The stress free look did not arrive by accident. Any film star will tell you, their work is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. Inspiration is left to the directors and producers. Celebrities can work a 12 hour day in front of cameras and hot lights, producing the films you love to watch on Netflix. What is the secret to coping in challenging environments and in times of crisis?

Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham are two of many famous women who depend on essential oils for mood enhancement, moisturizing, de-stressing, improved sleep, and ease of relaxation at the end of a hard day’s work. They are followed by paparazzi wherever they go and as you know the high-resolution cameras today, uncover outer evidence of the emotional health within. Supplements and essential oils seem to work miracles for them. Do not dismiss an added benefit:  spiritual elements which enable your vitality and sense of purpose.



Premium Supplements form part of their healthy daily dietary routine but wait there is more. Look Inside the luggage of celebrities and it seems one item you are likely to discover, is a discreet bag of essential oils. Yes the contents differ from celebrity to celebrity because they have discovered the oils that work for them personally, but find them you will. They are in arms reach for you too.

When Tawa Labs developed its unique Crystal Collection of Essential Oil Blends, we did extensive research on the daily habits of busy people. We sought the inside track on how some deal with stress, working from home in the times of health threats. We learned that some of the most successful, draw on exercise, good planning, loving relationships but also ancient wisdom for living a life refined. In short, some acquired good coping mechanisms with little additions to their lives. Essential oils. Satisfaction, happiness, excitement about life, mood management, creativity, achievement of potential are important to them. They were prepared to explore some of the celebrated benefits of aromatherapy oils. Yes different fragrances of the oils also play a role in improving states of mind. We found research that suggests that select oils can also produce desirable brain waves, helping you focus during waking hours, relax or sleep better.



Help nature along a little

With select essential oil routines

Essential oils are not a cure all but research tell us that you certainly can help nature along because history is on your side. That is what Tawa Labs’ Crystal Collection is designed to do, complete with a carefully chosen crystal in every bottle of your choice.  Your immune system can also benefit.

Essential oils are part of ancient beauty wisdom

What does history tell us?

Tawa Labs aimed to make wellbeing a desired outcome of our Crystal Collection of essential oils. Wellbeing is not just the absence of disease. It is a general good feeling that encompasses body mind and soul. Read on below. We looked back in time.

Read about the science of smell

Essential oils have irrefutable history. Ancient civilisations, dating back thousands of years had personal selections of single oils or blends, which in turn were used for specific occasions or applications. The oils were considered a luxury of significant aesthetic value which not everyone could afford. There is evidence that they were a way of life for Persians, Chinese, Greeks, Egyptian, Romans and Asians. They used them for bathing, healing, skin disorder treatments, antiseptics, moisturisers, relaxation, ancient cosmetics and medications. Frankincense and myrrh as choice gifts, go back to biblical times. Their use however crosses all ethnic groups, religious beliefs, gender, age and practises. Depending on the geographic area and climate oil choices varied. Now with scientific research specific oils and smells can be matched to specific personality needs.



Now the science

Tawa Labs has avoided random essential oil choices. We have based our

Aromatherapeutics Crystal Collection product range on thorough scientific research.

Apart from the sensate experience of essential oils on the skin, we have researched the clinical archives for evidence of specific smells and their impact on wellbeing. Oils, their special ingredients and their fragrances offer a special combined package to promote aspects of health.

We know that essential oils can influence moods, thinking and social behaviour. Moods are not seen as an emotion but a precursor to an emotion. They can therefore help to halt negative emotions and promote the desirable ones, which enable feelings of loving and being loved, satisfaction and happiness. When you feel a mood coming on that you know could lead to an emotional outburst, your professionally trained aromatherapist could play a major role in restoring peace.

Tawa Labs considered all the above when we blended our unique Crystal Collection. Now that we know that fragrances can have psycho-physiological effects we created our designer Crystal Collection of essential oils to suit current needs. Carefully chosen aromas have been included to impact on the body and mind, yes add soul however you see it. You should notice the difference in your moods, stress management levels, memory and daily performance at work or home. Let your grey matter, matter.

Choose our Crystal Collection with confidence. Remember, essential oils can be used as a natural treatment in two ways: skin contact and inhalation.

Dr Denise Bjorkman

Dr Denise Bjorkman is one of the regular expert contributors to our education platform, providing insight into personalised medicine, longevity, mental and physical health, integrative nutrition, body language and neuroscience.

She is CEO of the Neuro Business Institute, the founder of the SA Council of Coaches and Mentors and one of the leading global authorities on human body language. She has combined life careers as an educator in diverse fields. As a seasoned personal coach, author, legal scholar, neuro-wellness advisor, DNA profiler, broadcaster, and socio-political scientist, her expert consultant services have been used globally.

Her clients have included 4 heads of state, diplomats, corporate executive boards, the wellness industry, management, parents, and individuals in 16 countries for 40 years. She was described by Heidi Holland of the Sunday Times as one of the leading speakers in the country. As an opinion leader she has been a regular media commentator and much cited opinion leader for the mass media: British, European, USand local press, leading magazines, the BBC, SKY, ABC, ITN, Al Jazeera, ENCA, SABC and CNN. Topics of interviews include personality profiling, health, elections, body language and major criminal trials.

She served as a consultant to CODESA as a researcher, writer of key note addresses, advisor and as a contributor to the Media Advisory Committee, Gender Advisory Commission and the Multi-party Talks. She had her own TV programme on animal versus human body language and has featured prominently on hundreds of television and radio programs over her lifetime.

Her special interests reside in women’s development globally in which she has played a significant role for hundreds of aspirant high achievers in the political, multinational corporations and institute space. Working with multi-disciplinary teams in partnership with neuroscience gurus of Pretoria University and their research laboratory, she has helped to make major inroads into ‘brain potential’ of children, women and people seeking higher levels of performance.

Managing the toxic effects of the digital environment and social media on the human brain (without disputing its benefits)forms part of current studies. She has been described as a global authority on why touch and the skin play a critical role for mental health, wholesome children’s development, survival, longevity, a happy sex life, memory, and a boosted immune system – particularly now in times of and despite of COVID.

She therefore has a particular interest in the irrefutable role of the aesthetic industry with all its dedicated personnel and services, to help sustain physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.

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